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Our collection of boho necklaces for women features everything from shorter and simpler, understated options with small pendants that can be worn daily with almost any outfit to long necklaces with beads and large pendants that will make a statement and transform your entire look. All reflect the carefree and artistic spirit of boho style in their own way. Shop with Twisted Wardrobe today – we’re sure you’ll find a piece you fall in love with!

Boho necklaces for women

Boho necklaces from Twisted Wardrobe all reflect everything you love about bohemian style – the mixing of different metals, woods, and other materials, the free-spirited aesthetic, and the eclectic feel. The pieces are earthy and rooted in nature with natural colors and materials, and all are easy to wear by adding to your favorite long sleeve shirt.

How to wear long necklaces for women

Most boho necklaces are long, and they offer women a lot more wearing options compared to shorter ones. This variety of options gives a woman more freedom to express her personal style and create unique looks.

With casual outfits, a long necklace will achieve a more relaxed look. Layering multiple long necklaces can create dimension and a more playful look. Layering, or stacking, necklaces is also a staple of bohemian style. Statement necklaces with bold colors or large pendants should almost always be worn alone and can help an outfit appear more sophisticated and formal. Lariat necklaces are great for drawing attention to the neckline and can add a sense of class and luxury to any look. Some long necklaces can also be wrapped to create a choker or even a bracelet around your wrist or ankle. Wrapping a long necklace can help style up a casual outfit, adding a little interest to something that was once very simple.

Twisted Wardrobe understands every woman has her own personal style preferences. Our selection of boho necklaces and long necklaces allows every woman to find the perfect piece for any occasion. Shop our necklaces and transform your look today.