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Twisted Wardrobe – Skirts for Women

A skirt from Twisted Wardrobe will undoubtebly add more feminine appeal to your wardrobe and make a chic statement in any outfit. There’s no denying that skirts are an essential wardrobe piece, and every woman needs colors and designs to effectively express her personal style! Shop our selection of beyond boutique long skirts for women and express your style today!

How you can style long and midi skirts for women from Twisted Wardrobe

In addition to being very fashionable, both short and long skirts for women are a very practical addition to your closet as well. Often a lot more comfortable to wear than pants but will still look just as good. Skirts are also incredibly versatile pieces of clothing. The same skirt can be dressed up or dressed down for different occasions by just changing some of the other parts of your outfit. When worn with your favorite pair of sandals or flats and a crop top, cami, or simple tee, you’ve got a laid-back vibe. Pair a midi skirt with a dressy top or blouse and some heels, and you’ve got a more professional or sophisticated look. There’s really no end to the different ways you can wear a mid length skirt well!

While skirts are a popular Spring and Summertime option and have been more associated with these times of the year, midi skirts for women and even flowy mid length skirts for women can be worn with a pair of leggings and boots to keep warm during colder months.

How to find your size

Long skirts for women, like the midi skirt, should fall below the knee but a little bit above the ankle. When shopping for midi skirts for women at Twisted Wardrobe, keep in mind that most prefer them to either rest just above the swell of their calves, which is a few inches below the knee, or slightly below their calves, allowing for a few inches of ankle to show. Every woman has her own preferences and her own style.